Invite you to join me in becoming the leader of creative education in Malaysia!

More than 60 branches throughout Malaysia to pass on love.

16 years of steady growth,
Resist the challenge of any situation!

Extending 16 years of rich teaching experience, it sublimates the education pattern and brings a new choice to the children who are ready to study in kindergarten.

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Decorate the equipment to help you

  • Fully furnished direct move in opening
  • Recruitment advertising to help you do well
  • Even the teacher also helps you to please good, good training
  • Let you save unnecessary trouble, trouble, focus on meeting the parents and start the birth
  • After the official business, there are more comprehensive long-term support, become your backing

Admissions Publicity

  • Invest resources to build brand influence all year round
  • Excellent parents. Lots of referrals
  • The opening of the new branch for you to do advertising enrollment

Teacher Training

  • The unified training and assessment of the quality of teachers provided by the headquarters will prepare the key teachers for your opening
  • Regular training throughout the year, continuous optimization of teaching quality
  • Improve the teaching quality control mechanism to help you manage the quality of teachers effectively for a long time

Yelaoshr's five star rating from parents

Gain the affluence of striving for education

You are looking for business opportunities, YelaoShr® is looking for business operators who share the same philosophy, connect and integrate together, so that we can achieve our personal goals (wealth and meaning) while creating a quality education system for our children that will affect them for a lifetime.

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