Use your leadership and management skills

YelaoShr is confident to give you a big enough stage Realize your educational ideal!

YelaoShr is confident to give you a big enough stage Realize your educational ideal!

YelaoShr® Creative Teaching Center is an educational center (not a tutoring center!) founded by a group of experienced and professionally trained all-female teachers who are passionate about education. At present, is the most trusted 1 to 1 to teach children to read/abacus/children’s whole brain development curriculum center.

Give full play to your leadership and management skills and lead a team of more than 400 teachers to achieve your educational career!

Job Scope​

  • Become a consultant for children’s learning and growth, and provide professional course explanation and question answering for parents
  • Focus on and live up to the company’s vision, mission and values
  • Focus on building a warm and win-win relationship with parents
  • Pay attention to children’s learning trends, timely report to parents and follow up, to ensure that children get the maximum learning effect
  • Motivate and lead the team to achieve the target and drive the business development of the center


    • At least a Degree of education or at least 1 year of full-time education experience (participating in a center management position)
    • Leadership and management skills. Love education.
    • Have a sense of purpose to achieve others.
    • Women only. Must know Chinese.

Once accepted, You will enjoy:

  • RM30,000-rm90,000 annual salary + bonus + incentive, complete talent cultivation system and career development platform
  • Rm30,000 worth of professional training to set a clear promotion path and goals for you.
  • Opportunities to become a trainer, center leader and startup partner
  • 18 public holidays, 14 paid holidays. 14 days sick leave (MC) & RM600 medical allowance
  • YelaoShr National annual event: Annual national award ceremony, annual national training
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities to carry out their own educational undertakings

Five star rating of Yelaoshr parents

Here, Realize your educational ideal!

Fill out the application form below now. We’ll talk to you over the phone for the first round. Suitable candidates will be further arranged to the designated sub-center or online ZOOM for interview.