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Yelaoshr Online micro-startup platform
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Through Yelaoshr micro-entrepreneurship platform, we will achieve partners who want to carry out education through the teaching profession. With the Online teaching mode, Yelasohr’s proven and effective teaching methods accumulated by more than 60,000 students in Malaysia in the past 16 years can be spread to more regions in the world. To help more children read and learn basic skills.

Suitable For

  • Love of teaching – Enjoy teaching others to learn something and get a sense of accomplishment
  • Want to have more autonomy in the work, especially in the arrangement of working hours
  • Take responsibility for your own work and believe that more efforts will bring more benefits


  • Complete the training examination and obtain the teaching qualification certificate
  • To provide students with Chinese reading instruction through online LIVE video
  • In the process of teaching, we should abide by the teachers’ standards to ensure that the teaching is not finished, but the church, and achieve professional teaching quality and effectiveness
  • Regularly attend designated training sessions to continuously enhance the teaching profession
  • Properly handle students’ class arrangements
  • If there is any feedback from parents, please directly feedback to Yelaoshr headquarters


  • Strong command of Chinese: clear pronunciation and fluent expression
  • Able to communicate, explain and give instructions in English and Malay
  • You must bring a video tool with Internet access, such as a computer, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Can work from home, but ensure that the network/Internet speed is smooth, does not affect ONLINE teaching

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