Budget 2023

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The Future of Work
It is the best era for women’s careers

YELAOSHR® Education College (YEC) and YELAOSHR® Education Group is working together to build a comprehensive platform of employment to career development for future educators. Every qualified graduate will have unlimited opportunities to immediately enter employment at educational institutions that has been affirmed by both the industry and parents to develop their teaching profession.

At the same time, we also provide a comprehensive career system, so that every educator who invests in it can gradually realise their educational and career goals!


Diploma in Early Childhood Education
RM 35,000
  • Earn a steady income while pursuing a Diploma
  • 36 Months
  • Practical teaching experience
  • No SPM qualification required
  • Admission after successful registration

A College

Diploma in Early Childhood Education
RM 24,000
  • Without income
  • 36 Months
  • Classes and homework-based
  • Requires SPM or relevant qualifications
  • Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sep/Oct intakes

B College

Diploma in Early Childhood Education
RM 20,400
  • Without income
  • 30 Months
  • Classes and homework-based​
  • Requires SPM or relevant qualifications
  • Jan/Jun/Oct intakes

Obtaining a professional diploma in Early Childhood Education indicates that you have received professional training and knowledge. At the same time, three years of practical teaching experience not only greatly enhances the competitiveness of the workplace, but also allows you to have a head start. These valuable knowledge and experience will not only grant you with peace of mind for the future, but it also enables you to achieve your future career, because you had obtained [education], [experience] and [ability], hence leading to a bright future.


Why do we say that? Because although many highly educated individuals have left the campus, they were not capable and prepared, and that led to poor development and work. There are also highly capable individuals, who aims to develop further, but are often stuck with an academic qualification not higher than others. This is why we say [education], [experience] and [ability] are so important.

The Star Female Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards

Over the past 17 years, our contribution to education has trained and led countless of outstanding creative educators. Our large-scale enterprise management model and technologically advanced education system was recognized by major and credible awards in Malaysia, which includes [The Star Female Entrepreneur of The Year 2019], [Sin Chew Education Products Awards 2019], [Sin Chew Outstanding Educational Institution Award 2019], [Sin Chew Business Excellence Award 2019], [The Golden Bull Award for Outstanding SME 2022], and [Consumers Choice Award 2022-2023]. This shows the entrepreneurial spirit and gradual rise of women, and also perfectly reflects the integration of “career”, “family” and “life”.

Compared to other industries, the education sector is more suitable for women. This is because women are naturally good at communication, more attentive to detail, and patient in educating children. The working environment of the education sector is relatively decent, with lesser exposure to harassment and more likely to be honoured by others in the education industry.

Scholarship RM35,000​

Available for 50 applicants

Scholarship applicant conditions: Loves education, has a high degree of love and patience to get along with children. Age range: 16 to 30 years old (female only)

Seize the opportunity to choose the right platform for learning and development. YEC will definitely help you realize your dream! Fill in the information immediately, if you meet the conditions, we will arrange an interview with you further to help you learn more and let us know more about you.