Zero Capital Business Plan

Dreams are extraordinary because of struggle

With the globalization of the economy, more and more people are pursuing their dreams of starting their own businesses. However, for many, funding is the biggest obstacle to starting a business. That’s why Yelaoshr has launched a “zero” capital startup program that provides fully free startup funding and resources to passionate people who want to realize their entrepreneurial dreams but do not have the capital to do so. We are committed to helping potential entrepreneurs realize their entrepreneurial dreams. We believe that entrepreneurship should be a sport for all, not necessarily just for those who have a lot of capital to participate. Therefore, we provide free capital and resources to help you who want to make a career to bravely realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

YelaoShr has the confidence to give you a big enough stage to realize your ideal career in education!

YelaoShr® Creative Learning Center is an educational center (not a tutorial center!) founded by a group of experienced and professionally trained all-girls teachers who are passionate about education. It is currently the most trusted 1-to-1 center for parents to teach their children word recognition and reading/beadwork/brain development.

Use your leadership and management skills to lead a team of over 400 teachers throughout Malaysia and make your education career a success!

Scope of business responsibilities

  • Become a consultant for children’s learning and growth, providing professional curriculum explanation and question and answer for parents
  • Focus on and live the company’s vision, mission and values
  • Focus on building a warm and win-win relationship with parents
  • Monitor children’s learning and provide timely reports and follow-ups to parents to ensure that children are getting the most out of their learning
  • Motivate and lead the team to achieve goals and drive the center’s business development

Our goal is to allow entrepreneurs to focus on their projects without having to worry about making a living. We also provide support by providing experienced mentors to help entrepreneurs plan their business plan, business strategy, and management team.


  • Have at least 1 year of full-time work experience
  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills and a passion for education
  • Have a sense of mission to achieve for others.
  • Female only, Chinese language knowledge is required.

Yelaoshr Branches in Malaysia, will you be the next?

Realize your ideal career in education here!

Fill out the application form below right away. We will talk to you first over the phone for a first round of understanding. Suitable candidates will be further arranged for an interview at a designated sub-center or online ZOOM.