About Us

Yelaoshr Education College was established in 2019. The starting point of everything came from the need to empower more children. In order to achieve this aspiration, a group of teachers who has the vision, mission and values is needed.

With this aspiration in mind, we have applied this set of teaching methods that have been proven effective to more than 25,000 students over 14 years. Over the years, the teaching method has become more rigorously streamlined, standardised and systematised. The purpose is to ensure the teaching method can be able to replicate and pass on to the educators who share the same philosophy with us.

In 2019, Yelaoshr Education College was officially certified by the National Department of Skills Development (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran) and became a nationally certified training centre, working with the country to cultivate talents in the education sector.


At the same time, Yelaoshr Education College is working hand-in-hand with the UK College to  students on the Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Those who pass the review will be awarded the Diploma in Early Childhood Education issued by the British Academy. This diploma allows you to connect with international institutions of higher learning in the future for the major of preschool education, and continue your studies.

Our Mission

We believe that there are no children who cannot be taught, as long as they use the right method. Every teacher has unlimited potential, while continuing to portray a better version of themselves, teachers are influencing life with their lives.

Therefore, the teachers we want to cultivate must be “spiritual engineers” who have expectations for themselves and have a passion for life. They must also:

Become the child’s teacher and cultivating the child’s self-learning ability;

Become a child’s educator, inspiring children’s lives!

Key Persons

Dr. Carol Yap


Dr. David Yap


At YEC, we persevere in ordinary
create extraordinary。


we empower more children