Preschool Teacher Duties and Responsibilities


preschool teacher duties and responsibilities


In the ever-changing field of education, preschool teachers play a vital role. Their work is important. As we explore this job, it’s clear that preschool teachers do more than educate. They nurture, mentor, and lay the foundation for a child’s education. Let’s explore a preschool teacher’s important duties and responsibilities, focusing on job opportunities in this vital field.

Preschool teachers are often a child’s first educators, playing a crucial role in shaping young minds. Preschool teachers help kids start learning and growing. They create a space for children to explore and develop both.

Whether you’re a future teacher or a school manager, this article gives you insights into the duties and job openings in preschool teaching. 

Come with us as we discover what preschool teachers do and find job opportunities for those who want to teach children and help kids grow. It’s about the joy of teaching and shaping young minds. 


5 Duties and Responsibilities of Preschool Teacher


5 duties and responsibilities of preschool teacher


Preschool teachers are pivotal in young children’s early development and education. Their duties and responsibilities encompass various activities to foster a positive learning environment and ensure their students’ growth and development.

Prepare and Implement Lesson Plans

One of the primary responsibilities of a preschool teacher is to prepare and execute well-thought-out lesson plans. These plans are designed to align with preschool-aged children’s educational objectives and developmental stages. The goal is to make learning engaging and effective. Preschool teachers create activities that help children get fundamental skills in language, math, science, and the arts while having fun.

Providing Instruction

Preschool teachers are more than educators; they ease a child’s learning journey. They use diverse teaching methods, including storytelling, play-based activities, and hands-on experiences, to ensure that children learn and enjoy the process. The focus is on promoting cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development and.

Maintain a Supportive Learning Environment

Preschool teachers must create a safe, inviting, and inclusive learning space. They take great care in organising the classroom, setting up learning centres, and encouraging curiosity and exploration among their students. The environment they create is key to helping children feel comfortable, engaged, and eager to learn.

Evaluate Children’s Progress

Preschool teachers assess each child’s early childhood development. They gain insights into their progress through observing their behaviour and active participation in activities. This assessment helps in identifying areas where individualized support might be needed. Preschool teachers keep records of these assessments and use the data to adapt their teaching strategies to suit each child’s unique needs.

Communicating with Parents

Open and consistent communication with parents or guardians is a cornerstone of a preschool teacher responsibilities. They update a child’s performance, behaviour, and developmental milestones. Additionally, they are always available to address parents’ concerns or questions, fostering a collaborative and supportive educational environment.


7 Roles of Preschool Teacher


7 roles of preschool teacher



Child and youth professionals interact with various individuals, such as families, children, colleagues, coaches, administrators, and community members. These professionals must be adept communicators, engaging in conversations, sharing ideas, asking questions, seeking advice, and exchanging experiences and feedback. They should also be aware of the messages they convey through their words, tone, expressions, and body language when communicating with children. Effective listening to children, families, and co-workers is essential for successful communication.


Child and youth professionals play a vital role in supporting children’s learning by providing stimulating activities and materials that encourage development and learning. They ease learning through engaging interactions, age-appropriate environments, interesting resources, and opportunities for exploration, play, and interaction. This approach helps children become independent and lifelong learners.


As coaches, child and youth professionals interact with children, encouraging them to take risks and offering feedback on their learning and developmental progress. They observe children’s play and interactions, prove how to work with materials and provide feedback to enhance and support their future interactions with materials, peers, and adults.


Child and youth professionals are role models for children, families, and program staff. Children learn how to interact with you, other teachers and strangers, use materials, and engage with their environment by observing the actions and behaviours of these professionals. They also provide appropriate expectations to families through their interactions with children and the classroom environment while promoting professionalism within the field through their interactions with families and team members.


Teachers in the classroom listen to and share stories, creating valuable learning experiences for children. Whether through oral traditions or reading, storytelling is an effective method for children to get new knowledge. It supports language and vocabulary development, piques children’s interests, introduces new concepts, builds relationships, and addresses race, culture, or family diversity issues.


Caregivers play a pivotal role in scheduling and managing time within the program. While routines and schedules are essential for children’s development and learning, learning is not confined to specific times of the day. Although they maintain a structured routine, the role of timekeeper should not limit children’s opportunities for learning.


Teachers take on the role of researchers to support children’s development and learning while striving for continuous quality improvement. Child and youth professionals are researching information to enhance their understanding of child development and best practices in the field. They also use self-reflection and observations of children and the program to inform and improve their practices. Gathering feedback and observational data from various sources, including families, children, informal and formal assessments, and program tools, enables them to enhance the learning environment and professional practices.


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The path to becoming an experienced preschool teacher is not only an opportunity to fulfil your dreams but also a chance to shape the future of countless young minds. 

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